Arbiversity Online Arbitrage Coaching Affiliate Program

Earn A Whopping £100 Per 1:1 Coaching Client You Send!


- The highest quality 1:1 coaching program from knowledgeable, friendly coaches means your visitors get looked after well and will appreciate you sending them. No huge class sizes or out of date courses.

- We do not overwrite cookies so if you send clients that sign up for our software you will earn lifetime recurring commissions from those too!

- Minimum 1st time payout £200 (this ensures that only actual affiliates earn commissions and not naughty clients trying to get a discount). After we've paid you once we will remove your minimum and we will pay for every sale.

- We do NOT allow clients to purchase using their own links.

- Get them to enter in the FREE course signup form that you sent them (TIP: maybe consider giving them a little extra something for doing this?) to earn commission. Or if you message us and prove you sent them to us we will credit the commission to you without them entering you as referrer.

- If you are a BuyBotPro, ProfitProtectorPro, Sumfully or affiliate you will still earn your commissions for any links your visitors have clicked but we will also attempt to pay you for any non-referred traffic that purchases anything from Arbiversity, even if you don't use the Arbiversity link, if we are able to track them (the best way is if your visitors mention you in the signup form on Arbiversity). 

- Remember, sending your traffic to Arbiversity means your people are getting a free course others charge hundreds or even thousands for, even if they buy nothing, they will thank you for that... good karma for you! :)

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We reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time without notice (we only want decent, honest and fair affiliates so reserve the right to say no thanks!).